Bradley Wood

CTO | COO | Consulting | FinTech
Machine Learning | Big Data | Microservices | DevOps | Cloud

About me

I have over twenty years' experience in a variety of sectors, including financial markets, internet/e-commerce, energy and digital publishing.

I am a seasoned presenter and communicator after nearly a decade as a partner (COO) in a successful financial markets consultancy.

I'm computer scientist by training and focus primarily on technology leadership, advisory, due diligence and implementation.

Currently I'm interested in / working on:
Data Strategy, Governance, Big Data and Machine Learning
Microservices architectures, API strategy and design
Agile best practices (SAFe, CI/CD, test automation, requirements engineering)
IT infrastructure, especially software-defined infrastructure and cloud computing.

Outside of work I also:
Write a fair amount of open source Python code.
Mess about with Arduino and hobby electronics.


It's easiest to get hold of me via LinkedIn
using the link below.